Formed in response to the ever-pervasive mainstream medias crippling standards of beauty. MissFancyPants, Inc. (MFP) empowers girls and young women to Recognize, Accept and Appreciate their natural beauty, inside and out!

Through creative programs and workshops young women are educated about the realities of the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries that perpetuate unrealistic and unobtainable standards of beauty. MFP works with trained professionals who are equally as passionate about changing the way young women feel about themselves. MissFancyPants, Inc. seeks to un-define beauty and charge women with the reminder that they are not what society has dictated. Their true beauty and power comes from beyond media and the mirror.

MissFancyPants, Inc. is the ultimate girls club, where learning to celebrate self is the core component to being a positive and successful women. The Fancy woman is confident and celebrates the differences of herself and others. She knows it is the imperfections that makes her perfectly unique and Fancy!

“Our FancyPants were not designed to be one size fits all. Being you requires no alteration.”

Motivate. Inspire. Change.