Team Fancy

#TeamFancy is composed of a dynamic group of amazing women who graciously lend their time, talent and love to support and encourage our girls.

Jaynelle Clarke


Jaynelle Clarke is a professional model-actress and fashion industry professional who has established an extensive background in visual styling, design, corporate fashion, and event management. Her most recent endeavor is the transition into the world of fine art. Her experience while traveling internationally as a fashion model inspired the active decision to strategically start that transition and as a result, she is currently completing the Master of Art in Art Business Program at The Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Clarke brings to #TeamFancy a sound business perspective, talent and loving spirit that she has extended to MissFancyPants, Inc. since its incorporation in 2011. She has continued to lend her time and talent as a mentor and workshop facilitator.

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*As an actress she has appeared in the films Mr. Popper’s Penguins and The Oranges; as well as several television series including Gossip Girl, How to Make it in America, White Collar, CSI and Law and Order.

Tara Wallace


Tara Wallace is an actress, model, creative professional, animal lover, tree hugger, equalist, and wanderer.  She has been professionally modeling and acting in NY and abroad for over a decade. She has grown from a shy dreamy girl fond of hiding behind her mother and running wild on horseback, to a confident woman who seeks to inspire and embrace the world around her! It is this confidence that has made her such a vibrant asset to MisssFancyPants, Inc.

She brings to #TeamFancy honesty and passion for her craft of acting and an inspiring perspective on the modeling industry. She has had a significant influence on the girls she has taught thus far and is committed to the MFP mission. Tara was a volunteer at the very first Camp Fancy held in 2010 and has continued to support the organization since then.

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*Tara has been featured in background work, and artistic shorts.  In the summer of 2011 she was asked to play the lead female role in the film Prince of the City starring Michael Madsen– as well as a supporting role in the southern comedy Elbow Grease starring Burt Reynolds. She is also currently signed to Wilhelminia Models in New York City.

Fabienne Roc


Fabienne began painting as soon as her dad could get her to hold a paintbrush. She immediately fell in love with the freedom painting gave her. She enjoys using various mediums in her work, and truly believes everything in life is art. Roc was contacted directly by the organizations Executive Director, after she attended an art exhibit Fabienne was featured in. Inspired by her painting and technique, she was asked to conduct a workshop during the annual Camp Fancy. Fabienne realized the program embodied everything she wished she had while growing up, she was obliged and compelled to contribute her talent. She believes strongly in showing young girls how they can express themselves in diverse, meaningful and beautiful ways. This freedom of expression inevitably adds to their confidence.

Fabienne has since been invited to be the resident artist for future Fancy programs, camps and special events.

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Jaimie Mone't Lloyd


Jaimie Mone’t Lloyd, a native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx is an artist and philanthropist. Lloyd’s hobby turned passion of jewelry making was first cultivated while attending The Katherine Gibbs School for Fashion Merchandising and Design. She fell in love with the technique of draping and transformed that skill into inspiration for her jewelry company, Mone’t Martin Designs. The collection is inspired by her mother’s love of leather and uses a combination of mixed mediums such as various metals, crystals, gems, and an array of accents such as hearts and peace signs to create each one-of-a kind piece.

Lloyd has since used her passion and talent to inspire young women. She has served as a #TeamFancy volunteer for 3 years, and has conducted several jewelry making workshops during Camp Fancy. The work with the girls in this organization has provided yet another source of inspiration for her collection.

“These girls have so much talent, we just have to expose them to new things”.


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Nyki Elle


Nyki Elle is an award-winning photographer, writer, and a resident of New York City. In 2011 she decided to take a leap of faith, leaving all things comfortable in Michigan for the opportunities, excitement and adventure of The Big Apple. Throughout her 15+ years as a photographer, Nyki Elle has developed an aesthetic that captures organic moments, interesting detail and rich colors. Having also taken up writing in college, Nyki Elle is now on a quest to merge her two talents, becoming the go-to “Stylist of Words. Couturier of Photographs.” for individuals, events and brands worldwide.

Nyki has been an exceptional asset to #TeamFancy lending to the organization her talents to not only capture the exciting moments during Camp Fancy but show each girl there natural beauty through the love of her art. We are excited to have her on board and credit much of photography on the site to her eye! 

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Elle has volunteered with MissFancyPants Inc. as a Makeup Artist for the annual Fancy Photo shoot through her company Made up by Elle. She believes in and supports the vision and mission of the organization and recognizes the power of investing in others. She has volunteered for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, fundraising, half-marathon participation, served as an earthquake disaster relief first responder amongst numerous other campaigns. She is in the beginning stages of developing her own non-profit called ‘Teach Them 2 Fish’, which focuses on helping people in all levels of life, including those who are displaced, to learn to become better at how they choose to provide a better life for themselves.  MissFancyPants, Inc. supports the development of this amazing organization and looks forward to the launch. The website for this will be launched soon.

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Darlene Arrington

DarleneArringtonHSDarlene “Niara” Arrington was born in Brooklyn, yet spent her childhood being raised in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. At age 10, and with an early passion for the arts, her father registered her for dance at The Venettes Cultural Workshop where she studied jazz, modern; tap, ballet, African, pointe, and hip-hop for 8 years.

Arrington refined her technique and love for hip-hop dance at The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory and Full Circle Productions. Her talent and passion for hip hop dance has allowed her to grace the stages of many professional venues such as Lincoln Center and The New Victory Theater amongst a few. Darlene is currently a Teaching Artist at Urban Arts Partnership, and in 2014, she founded ‘Color Me Fly’ and Tectonic Plates, organizations that seek to bring awareness to the art and the healing power of dance to inner-city communities.

Arrington has been apart of as a Teaching Artist and this experience has allowed her to enhance her skills as both a mentor and dance instructor. Her talent has encouraged and inspired each young lady to share their interests confidently, and be reminded of their beauty both inside and out. Darlene believes that with perseverance and dedication anything is possible. She stands firm that all things are destined.

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