Why Fancy?

MissFancyPants, Inc. ensures a safe, loving and nurturing environment where girls feel comfortable to be themselves. They are celebrated and supported through enriching engagements with professionals from all over the country. MFP’s programs are life changing and take girls and young women from the classroom, to the boardroom and beyond with confidence and more importantly with love in their hearts for themselves and others.

WHO-will benefit from MissFancyPants, Inc.? 

  • Girls and young woman 7-18 years of age.
  • Local businesses, community outreach programs, youth organizations and local elementary, middle and high school institutions.
  • Affiliates and contributors of MissFancyPants, Inc.
  • The world will benefit from the surge of strong and empowered, reassured, confident young women!

Programs and Activities


Our programs are constantly evolving. We take pride in our approach in developing a customizable experience that is as unique as each one of our girls!

MissFancyPants, Inc. seeks to educate girls and young women about positive body image and self-esteem through 4 types of programs:

  • A 10-week After-School Program
  • An annual 8-week Summer Camp—‘Camp Fancy’
  • A Mentorship Program
  • Community Service Projects

Each of these programs uses a fashion, arts and leadership skills based curriculum to encourage positive self and body image, to cultivate and nurture an interest in the arts and to assist each of the program participants in developing her natural talents.

After-School Program


The After-School Program was developed with all girls in mind.   This 10-week program focuses on positive peer interaction, open discussions, self-esteem building and creative explorations that enhance each participant’s perspective of the world around them.

By conducting bi-monthly academic progress check-ins, the MFP Team works directly with school faculty, teachers and administrators to ensure that all program participants are academically successful and are performing to her fullest potential. This curriculum, like all programs offered through MissFancyPants, Inc. provides a safe and nurturing environment where each girl feels protected, valued and free to express herself.

Camp Fancy

LA 080Offered during the summer months (June, July, August), Camp Fancy is an energized and interactive safe community for girls to discover their potential and embrace individuality —

Camp Fancy features programs and workshops that embody the importance of self-love and strive to develop positive self-esteem and healthy interactions amongst girls through a creative curriculum focused on art, fashion, dance, photography and social media, to name a few! The participants will not only meet industry professionals from New York but also meet a new side of themselves that they will fall in love with!

We hope to see you this summer!

Fancy Mentorship

FancyLovePicMissFancyPants, Inc. believes in the power of positive relationships.  We strive to foster life-long partnerships that expose our FancyPantsers and mentors alike to new opportunities, inspiration, and life changing encounters that build upon our mission to develop and maintain a positive self-image and confidence.  The Fancy mentoring model is designed to work in collaboration with our after-school and summer camp programs.  The congruency of these programs allows our mentors to build an effective relationship that fosters a trusting environment enabling deeper self-discovery and positive esteem development.

The goal of the mentoring program is to demonstrate the value of positive self-esteem and body image and to teach the participants that it is possible to succeed, despite the difficult experiences they may encounter in their lives.

The Mentoring Program focuses on these core components:

  • The power of building and maintaining positive relationships
  • Providing participants with the opportunity to develop life-long relationships that will encourage and inspire them.
  • Pairing mentees with professional mentors that share a similar story and or life goal and passion.
  • Effective relationships that offers support and guidance.
  • Connecting real women, with real lives to create real change.

Fancy International

niger 033 MissFancyPants, Inc. operated programs in Niamey, Niger, West Africa in 2012-2013. We will continue to develop and have the program extensively available in this region over the next several years. We strive to connect participants from the U.S. and Niger via technology to create a global dialogue about issues young women face worldwide.

The operation of the organizations programs in this region of West Africa allows MFP to bring its mission of educating girls and young women about positive body image and self-esteem to a broader base of young women and to utilize its fashion, arts and leadership based curriculum to impact change in the lives of young women on a global level.